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The Debt Resolution Forum has been offering the CertDR training for its members since October 2008. As at 12th November 2012 - 800 learners have registered for the training of which almost 200 have passed all three modules and are CertDR qualified. 

The BTEC Advanced Certificate in Debt Resolution (CertDR) is fully accredited by Edexcel on their customised framework at Level 3.

The qualification has been designed in conjunction with leading financial services consultants and from members of the DRF. It complements the standards required by Mortgage Advisers, Insolvency Practitioners, Debt Management Advisers, Debt Counsellors, Money Advisers and Credit Managers.

Taking this qualification will significantly enhance their credibility and productivity.

To undertake CertDR training and examination either the organisation or the individual must be a fully paid up member of The Debt Resolution Forum.

The structure of the learning programme

The learning programme is made up of 3 Modules – 

  • Module 1 – Overview of the UK Financial Services debt market, Debt Resolution and Debt Regulations
  • Module 2 – Debt Solutions in Detail
  • Module 3 – Evidencing advice, servicing and case studies in Debt Resolution

The full qualification will require approximately 210 hours of study (circa. 70 hours each module). Study will be via a purpose designed on-line learning and resource system with the option of printing off hard copy learning materials where preferred. This means staff can study at work or at home, in teams or as individuals. The learner’s knowledge and application skills will be formally examined after studying each module, with those successfully passing all 3 becoming qualified.


Module 1: £250 plus VAT
Module 2: £250 plus VAT
Module 3: £300 plus VAT

Qualified advisors who become individual members of the DRF will be entitled to use the designatory letters CertDR after their name.

For full details on CertDR, please download our prospectus or contact Lauren Sanders on 0161 905 8372 (DDI)/0161 969 2023 (Switch) or email

Here is Credit Today's feature on CertDR in their April 2012 issue:




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