DRF operate a transparent complaint procedure for member companies and the public at large.

DRF Complaints Policy

The DRF is a trade association. Our members are required to abide by the Standards and Code of the Forum. We record and monitor all the complaints we receive about our members. Customers of DRF members, their representatives, creditors, members and others can make a complaint about a DRF member.

DRF members themselves are required to have in place procedures to deal with complaints and it is recommended that consumers/creditors contact the member company first to try and resolve the problem. Often this is the quickest and most direct way. DRF members must publicise this procedure on their website and in their literature (see DRF Code and DRF Standards).

If not known, the DRF contact at the member company can be obtained by viewing the list of members on the DRF website or by enquiry to the DRF office on 0161 905 8372. Members websites and literature must provide DRF contact details for clients or others wishing to use the DRF complaints procedure.

Should the complainant not be able to resolve the complaint directly with the member, a complaint form can be obtained from the DRF website or by emailing complaints@debtresolutionforum.org.uk.

Complainants can also obtain a copy by writing to Debt Resolution Forum, PO Box 878, Altrincham, WA15 5LX or by telephoning 0161 905 8372.

Should clients wish to complain about their Insolvency Practitioner, they can complain via the DRF as below, or direct to the Insolvency Service using their Gateway service telephone 0845 602 9848 or web site

How to make a complaint

You can write in to us to complain.

You may find it more convenient and helpful to complete DRF’s complaint form, available on our website.

Complaint Form

If, for any reason, you would prefer a complaint form to be posted to you, please call DRF on 0161 905 8372 or email complaints@debtresolutionforum.org.uk.

What happens once I have submitted my complaint to DRF?

Once the complaint is received by the DRF we will acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days, either by email or by post.

Please note that your complaint will be recorded, including your contact details and could be viewed by our complaints committee at any time.

  1. On receipt of a written complaint the DRF will contact the member requesting a reply be made directly to the complainant (and copied to the DRF). This should be sent to all parties within 10 working days. This process is included to ensure that the member’s own internal complaints process has been fully exhausted before an approach has been made to the DRF.
  2. Once the member’s response is received, the DRF Complaints Officer will review the response, contact the complainant/member and suggest remedial action (see 7 below) that seems necessary. The DRF will complete this process within 20 working days.
  3. If it becomes clear that a complaint cannot be resolved reasonably as above, all parties to the complaint will be informed that the matter will be referred to the DRF Complaints Committee who will adjudicate on the complaint.
  4. The DRF Complaints Committee has 5 members, 3 of whom are independent members not connected to any DRF member and includes the Chairman of the Complaints Committee and the DRF Board Complaints Officer. The other member is a nominee from the DRF Board. The Committee will consider the complaint on the basis of any written evidence before them and also hearing a complainant in person if the complainant so requests.
  5. The Complaints Committee has the power to recommend, if they feel that it is justified, that the company:
    • Apologises
    • Remits, refunds or reduces any fees paid; or
      Pays compensation to clients or to all creditors involved in the case, pro-rata to their proportion of the debt owed by the client based strictly on an assessment of the actual loss incurred; or both; and/or
    • It may make any other recommendation that it feels appropriate.
    • The Complaints Committee will consider each complaint as soon as is practical. The decision of the Complaints Committee will be communicated to both parties within 10 working days of the hearing and its decision will be final.
  6. If any party to the complaint does not wish to be bound by the decision of the Board or does not accept its ruling then:
    • In the case of a member, the DRF will institute such action as is appropriate, which may include expulsion in very serious circumstances.
    • The complainant has the option to refer their complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service or to seek independent legal redress against the DRF member. Members must make it clear to complainants that this option is open to them.
  7. Customers and creditors are not obliged to use the DRF Complaints Service and may be referred direct to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS). DRF members should ensure they do not give any impression that complainants must use this process.

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Concilliation, Complaints & Disciplinary Committee

David Hawkes acts as the Chairman of the four man Complaints Committee.

Complaints Policy

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