The DRF logo and all DRF related logos, must be clearly visible at all times when used on your own branded materials.

The DRF Member logos are permitted for use on the following materials:

DRF Member logo (with the exception of the Individual Member logo):

  • DRF Member letterhead
  • DRF Member business cards
  • DRF Member website
  • DRF Member email signatures
  • DRF Member advertisements
  • DRF Member marketing materials

Individual DRF Members will be provided with a logo once they have attained the CertDR.  This logo may be used in the following ways:

  • On their own individual business cards
  • On their own individual email signature

Please also note:

  • The DRF Member logo should be used at an appropriate size at all times. Maximum size is 47.50mm x 46.78mm. Minimum size (recommended for business cards) is 11.13mm x 10.96mm
  • The DRF Board reserve the right to withdraw the use of the logo at any time and in any circumstance.

You are not permitted to use the DRF Member logo in any of the following ways:

  • You are not permitted to redraw or adapt the format, size or design of the DRF Member logo in any way.
  • You are not permitted to adapt in any way, the proportions of the logo.
  • You are not permitted to amend the logo so that it appears in any other colours other than what it is provided to you in.
  • You are not permitted to add any effects such as shadowing or shine to the logo.
  • You are not permitted to enclose the logo in a box, circle or any other shape.
  • You are not permitted to place the logo on any other background colour other than white.

Please contact us to apply for use of the DRF Member logo.

Apply to use DRF member logo

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