The DRF welcome new member applications, please complete the relevant form.

We have various levels of membership, depending on your Consumer Credit Licence status.

Once we have checked your application, we will raise an invoice for the fees, these are listed on the application form.

Company members will have an inspection from the IPA to ensure you meet DRF standards.

Applications Forms

Select one to apply now:
Company Individual

Member types

  1. Full Member: Debt Management
  2. Full Member: IVA Provider
  3. Full Member: Group (A1 and A2)
  4. Provisional Member
  5. Nursery Member
  6. Introducer
  7. Affiliate
  8. Individual Member
  9. Creditor
  10. Charity
  11. Training member

Membership Categories

A. Full Member: Debt Management or IVA Provider

Debt Management and/or IVA Provider

B. Provisional Member

Applicants who have not yet successfully completed the IPA full inspection.

B2. Nursery Member

A ‘waiting list’ for companies/firms or organisations who do not have FCA interim
permission and do not have FCA authorisation. Staff may take the CertDR. An
administration fee only is payable for this category as companies/firms/organisations will not be considered a member until FCA full authorisation is granted, at which point they will become a Provisional Member. This must be done within two years.

C. Introducer

Must have FCA interim permission or full authorisation, or be able to show that they do not give specific debt advice.

  • C1 – must be existing suppliers to DRF Members or
  • C2 – recommended by one or more DRF Members

D. Affiliate

  • D1 – offer services other than lead introduction to DRF Members
  • D2 – offer complementary financial services to DRF Members and agree to abide by the
    DRF Standards

E. Individual

Open to individuals currently working in the debt resolution industry who wish to take CertDR. They must be employed by a business entity that has FCA interim permission or full authorisation, or be a sole trader/partnership that has FCA interim permission or full authorisation.

F. Creditor

Offers secured or unsecured credit and/or receives collections on behalf of creditors.

G. Charity

Deals with people in debt and registered with the Charities Commission; lists ‘helping people in debt’ amongst its registered purposes.

T. Training Member

Ex-DRF members whose staff wishes to continue with CertDR training.

S. Special Member

Honorary member chosen by the DRF Board for services to DRF.

For membership benefits and inspection requirements of each membership category please refer to the application forms for full details.

DRF’s standards and code

DRF’s standards and code is available for download.

If you have any queries, please contact our administration and membership officer Lauren Sanders on 0161 905 8372.

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