Debt Resolution Forum Welcomes CAB Super-complaint on Cold Calling

Recent complaint surrounds debt resolution companies cold-calling and charging up-front fees. DRF expects to respond shortly in defense of their members.

Debt Resolution Forum (DRF) – the trade body for fee charging debt resolution companies – today welcomed Citizen’s Advice’s supercomplaint to the Office of Fair Trading regarding cold calling and upfront fees.

Commenting, DRF chairman and CEO of ClearDebt David Mond, said:

“Reputable debt resolution companies don’t cold call and don’t charge up-front fees without providing a service in return. DRF welcomes the super-complaint and will assist the OFT if we can.

Cold-calling damages the reputation of reputable debt resolution companies who are sometimes even impersonated by scammers. If these people are put out of business, then more consumers will come straight to reputable providers and get the help they need”.


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